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Newcastle Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

Newcastle is taking a stand against air pollution. In April 2021, the city will launch its Clean Air Zone (CAZ), a scheme designed to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in the city and improve air quality.

The CAZ will require high-emitting vehicles, such as buses, taxis, lorries and vans, to pay a daily charge to enter or pass through the zone. The money raised will then go towards funding measures to reduce air pollution, such as the installation of electric charging points and the conversion of bus fleets to low-emission vehicles.

In order to qualify for the scheme, vehicles must meet certain emissions standards. Those that don’t will be charged up to £50 a day, unless they have an exemption. The scheme is designed to encourage people to switch to cleaner vehicles, as well as encourage low-emission driving habits.

The CAZ is part of a wider set of measures Newcastle City Council is taking to tackle air pollution. These include improved public transport, the introduction of electric buses and the installation of air quality monitoring systems to measure local NO2 levels.

The CAZ is a groundbreaking initiative that could help save lives and improve public health. It is a bold move by the council and a reminder to people everywhere that we must all take responsibility for the air we breathe.