Same Day Couriers in Leicester & Leicestershire

Enviromental Policy

Shaks Couriers is a same day courier company, based in Leicester in the East Midlands. With a large fleet of light commercial vehicles ranging from cars ranging to lutons, as well as a number of motorcycles, it provides a range of collection and delivery services on a local, national and international basis. The Company’s philosophy is to have a single customer’s consignment on a dedicated vehicle. Therefore, the driver who collects the consignment will be the same one who delivers it to the final destination.


This, in combination with robust company based safety, quality and loading standards, ensures that the drivers minimise the risk of breakages and losses during transit. These high standards have resulted in the company building up an impressive portfolio of clients in a wide range of industry sectors.


Our Aim


We will strive to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing sustainable practices throughout our operations, including the use of electric vehicles for deliveries.


We will implement a recycling program for paper, cardboard, and other materials used in our operations.


We will work with our suppliers and partners to ensure that their practices are also environmentally friendly.


We will regularly review and evaluate our environmental impact and make changes as necessary to improve our performance.


We will provide training to our employees on the importance of environmental sustainability and how they can contribute to our efforts.


We will communicate our environmental policy to our customers and encourage them to support sustainable practices.


We will comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.


We will continuously strive to improve environmental performance through regular monitoring and reporting.


We will actively participate in community efforts to promote environmental sustainability.

Fleet & Services


Many of the services we offer are unique to Shaks Couriers, and are in themselves environmentally friendly. Click on the links below for more information


Same-Day Delivery: pick up from A & deliver to B by the quickest route, satellite navigation ensures best route for the driver along with our modern fuel efficient fleet.


A wide range of different vehicles are available ensuring you get the right size vehicle for the task.


Scheduled Same-Day: collection when the client supplies and delivery ASAP or when scheduled the sameday (weight and location restrictions apply).


Urgent-Time Crtitical Deliveries: Picked up urgently and delivered ASAP avoiding delays with our tracking and GPS technology.


Dedicated Contract work: Regular deliveries in the same collection and delivery locations (subject to change).




Our system enables clients to get a quote, request a callback and download our Terms & Conditions of Carriage. Proof of delivery is emailed or sent through SMS to the client as soon as the consignment is delivered.


Each of these facilities significantly reduces the consumption of paper, inks and reduces emissions, both by Shaks Couriers and our clients. We are constantly planning further enhancements for the website that will increase the number of electronic facilities offered by Shaks Couriers.




We are keen to purchase and to print any brochures/collaterals on paper that is either recycled or that is accredited as being from stock that adheres to strict controls over waste water quality and air pollution during manufacture. We will continue to identify opportunities to purchase environmentally friendly paper and stationery.