Same Day Couriers in Leicester & Leicestershire

How To Find The Perfect Same Day Courier For Your Business



When booking a same-day courier, it’s critical that you choose a company with a specific set of characteristics. Otherwise, it’s possible that your valuable papers or objects would arrive late or never at all. When scheduling a same-day delivery, there are five key considerations that must be taken into account to guarantee that your items arrive safely:




When you make a same-day courier reservation, only work with a reliable business. The best advice for doing this is to look at their web presence and background. Every trustworthy business will have an expert and educational website. Verify the company’s history to learn how long it has operated successfully in the sector.




When booking a same-day delivery, it’s crucial that the team handling your things has relevant experience. Transporting delicate pharmaceutical equipment is very different from moving steel constructions. You’ll get the assurance you need from a business like Shaks Couriers that has experience working with a variety of sectors. You may rely on our experience in a wide range of fields, including the media, financial, marine, and the automobile and aviation industries.




It’s remarkable how often individuals give their valuables to a stranger in a van or a buddy of a friend without giving the risks involved a second thought. Millions of pounds’ worth of items disappear each year in both innocent and less innocent ways. You must choose wisely who you trust with your priceless belongings if you are ordering a same-day delivery. With recorded timings and signatures, tracking vehicles, and electronic evidence of delivery, our connected team demonstrates their high level of dependability.




Of course, you want your things delivered on schedule when you hire a same-day courier. The lack of employees or professionalism, however, prevents many businesses from succeeding in this. But Shaks Couriers is the best at getting your items to their destinations on schedule. An industry-best 99.3% of deliveries are delivered on time at our company. The company always responds quickly and handles more than 100 emergency calls each week. Our team is of the highest calibre and is capable of handling any situation with promptness and expertise.


Effective communication


To arrange a same-day courier, you must speak with a knowledgeable and accommodating person. It’s crucial to communicate clearly. You should anticipate routine progress updates and be able to get in touch with the organisation if you have any questions or need to make any changes since you are entrusting them with your priceless records or items. A reputable company will be pleased to hear from you since they understand that your pleasure is crucial to their reputation.


How Shaks Couriers have all the elements to be your courier expert.


Shaks Couriers are credible because they have a long-standing and well-respected reputation in the industry. They are knowledgeable due to their extensive experience in the courier and transportation industry. They are reputable because they take great care to ensure all of their customers’ needs are met and expectations exceeded. Their punctuality is reliable and consistent, ensuring clients’ goods arrive on time. Finally, they have effective communication, able to connect with customers quickly and effectively.