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How Much Does A Same Day Courier Cost in the UK?

The Cost of Same Day Courier Services in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide


In order for your business to stay ahead of the competition you might be thinking of using same-day delivery to keep customers satisfied. That’s why you might be thinking exactly “how much does a same day courier cost?” Well let us answer that for you.


There are really three main things that will count to the overall cost of a same-day courier quote. What are they?


— The distance. How many miles is the delivery point from your collection address?


— The vehicle size required. What vehicle size do you need for your consignment?


— The delivery time required. How urgent do your goods need to be delivered?


These are the questions a courier will ask (including us) when you need to book/get a quote for a same-day delivery. If all above questions are answered it makes it more simpler for us o give you a cost-effective quote for your business.


A lot of people think that using a same day courier may be too expensive. Well depending on how you look at it, it might not neccessarily be true. The value you get when using a same day courier is far better than using a regular depot to depot courier. If you had an urgent delivery and were using a regular overnight carrier then it would go through multiple hubs before going to your customer. Our process compared to a depot to depot courier is shown below.



same day delivery process

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that if something is very urgent and important – for example delivering work to an exhibition, which is very time-critical, – a Same Day delivery can save you time and money with a higher probability of being delivered right.


A Same Day courier costs less than a taxi service starting from about £1.30 a mile normally with a minimum charge from £50. This is dependent on vehicle.


Remember, as we have a variety of vehicles, from motorcycles to small vans to long wheelbase transits, 7.5T and some much larger heavy goods vehicles, the reality is that the Same Day courier cost is very bespoke to the job requirements as mentioned at the start of this article.


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