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Government and Public Sector Courier Service

Rest in comfort knowing our same day courier service has experience delivering within your industry.

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Courier service for the Government and Public Sector

Enlist the help of Shaks Couriers right away to learn more about the advantages of same-day delivery for your company in the public or government sector.

Same-Day Delivery to the Government and Public Sector

To guarantee that your business in the public sector or government works properly, there are a few things you need to put in place. Outsourcing the solution will assist in regaining control of your company when issues develop. To ensure same-day delivery, around-the-clock, Shaks Couriers collaborates closely with the public sector and the government


Our specialised delivery service for the public sector and the government offers custom transportation to meet your precise needs. We can guarantee that your package or letter is handled with the utmost care and attention because we recognise that many deliveries in this field are urgent and secret.

When Should You Think About Government and Public Sector Delivery?

You can get in touch with Shaks Couriers once, or as little or often as you’d like. It’s not always possible to predict when you might need to hire a courier to deliver a package.


When you need a parcel delivered and it makes sense to use a third party, trust Shaks Couriers to deliver it on the same day. We can promptly and effectively deliver your public sector and government parcels to the desired destination no matter where you are located in the UK.

Same Day Courier contact

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